Our Manifesto For Allerdale

Our original manifesto page can be found here.


** The Borough Council election of 2nd May 2019 resulted in 15 Conservative candidates being elected, alongside 19 Independents, 14 Labour and 1 Putting Cumbria First candidate.

As of the 22nd May 2019, the Council is led by Independents and Conservatives under a power-sharing arrangement.

While not being in a position to implement our manifesto under a Conservative administration is unfortunate, we will be working hard to implement it where possible under the current arrangement **


Our wider plan for Allerdale goes above and beyond our 6-point plan. 

In addition to freezing council taxproviding a cleaner, greener allerdale, making our communities safer, protecting your weekly bin collection, supporting our town centres and stopping wasteful spending on vanity projects, Allerdale Conservatives have a number of other priorities for our first term in office:

Affordable Housing

Delivering a mix of new affordable and social housing across the borough.

A Plan for Growth

Our vision for Allerdale's economic growth, a vision which seeks to carve out a unique role for the borough

Planning That Works for Everyone

Ensuring that locals are heard and that the planning system is to provide the infrastructure required to make new developments sustainable.

Fighting Social Exclusion

Supporting new initiatives to combat poverty, loneliness and isolation - in both our urban and rural areas.

Investing in Community Facilities

As part of our plans to combat social exclusion and to work for the whole of Allerdale, we will support investment in 'Community Hubs'.

Building Grassroots Sports

Allerdale has long been a nursery for world-class sportspeople, it will be one of our priorities to ensure that our youth have access to training facilities.

Open, Transparent and Inclusive Local Government

Ensuring that democratically elected councillors from across the borough have their input, and that the authority starts from a default position of openness.

Working for the Whole of Allerdale

Ensuring that Allerdale Borough Council works for all residents of Allerdale.

The Unitary Question

Supporting smarter working between neighbouring borough and district councils, ultimately leading to cost savings for you.

Axe the AIP

A series of disastrous Allerdale Investment Partnership (AIP) land deals have left Allerdale taxpayers short changed.


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