Boris Johnson's 2019 Conference Speech

It’s great to be here in Manchester at the best attended conference for years and I know that some of you may have been mildly peppered with abuse on the way in but are you abashed? Are you downcast?

Priti Patel's 2019 Conference Speech

Today, here in Manchester, the Conservative Party takes its rightful place as the Party of Law and Order in Britain once again.

We stand with the brave men and women of our police and security services.

And we stand against the criminals.

Sajid Javid's 2019 Conference Speech

Thank you for that welcome…

And can I welcome my mum.

You saw her in that video… … and she is here with us today for her first conference.

Twenty years ago, Mum thought it was a big deal when she watched the first Asians move into Coronation Street, here in Manchester.