Allerdale Councillor putting Cumbria first by joining the Conservatives

Recently elected Aspatria Councillor Mike Little has joined the Conservatives, after being impressed by the Allerdale’s Conservative group role in the leadership of the council and Boris Johnson’s commitment to Get Brexit Done by October 31st.

Speaking today, Councillor Little, who stood as a candidate for the Putting Cumbria First party, said he was delighted to be joining the party that was truly putting Cumbria First:

“I have joined the Conservatives as it was about time that I was true to myself in who and what I stand for. I want positive change in Allerdale and in our country for the people, I want to put our community first and this can only realistically be achieved as a Conservative councillor.”

“I have always been a conservative, with a small c, as someone who believes that strong local businesses are the backbone of not only our economy, but our society. I want people to have equality of opportunity, no matter what your background, if you work hard you can achieve. I have to be true to my beliefs and to do the best job I can for the people of Aspatria, and that job will be made all the more impactful by being part of the continued Conservative renaissance in Allerdale.”

Speaking on how this move might go down in Aspatria, Mike is confident that he was better able to represent residents as part of the Allerdale Conservative group:

“People voted for Mike Little, and the policies that I represent. None of those things have changed, but the Conservatives are able to implement those policies, where as a lone Putting Cumbria First councillor, I cannot.”

“Under the 2019 intake, the Allerdale Conservatives are a key partner in the coalition that is now ensuring that services are improved and distracting vanity projects are repurposed to maximise value for the community and the taxpayer following the disastrous and near ruinous Labour administrations strategy to spend money they haven’t got and cut services left, right and centre.”

“Following the recent full council meeting, I was impressed how the Conservatives stood up in the climate change debate to seek meaningful action to achieve the aim of net zero carbon within the council and the borough, but through a pragmatic common sense approach that was completely absent from the Labour Party proposals.”

“As for the national political scene, this is of course dominated by Brexit. As a Leave voter, I feel that it is important to deliver Brexit as soon as practical so we can start to focus on improving our schools, tackling crime, investing in our NHS and building a strong economy.”

Councillor Mark Jenkinson, Deputy Leader of Allerdale Council and Leader of the Conservative Group said "We are delighted that Mike has joined the Conservative party and look forward to working with him to improve services in Aspatria and Allerdale.”

“Mike is an impassioned and conscientious community focused councillor who I know has taken great care in reaching this decision, with the people of Aspatria being his number one consideration. I, for one, am overjoyed that Mike is joining us to fight for local issues and to help us improve services whilst ensuring that the responsibility placed upon us by the taxpayers is respected.”

Councillor Little is a proud father to four children, Toby, Emma, Clara and Finlay, and is married to Rachel. Originally from Carlisle, Mike has lived in Aspatria since 2015, and he works in sales and marketing for a well known Cumbrian manufacturing company.

“My immediate concerns are to carry on working alongside the other Aspatria councillors, at all levels, to continue the work ongoing to make Aspatria even nicer, safer place to live and visit.”