Action on Fly-Tipping, Litter and Dog Fouling

Under this administration, the number of Street Scene Officers has been cut. Allerdale Conservatives believe that we need more, not fewer.

We need to increase enforcement rates,and we need people out educating residents about the effect of these issues on their community - and the alternatives. 

We shouldn't be reliant on residents like you reporting issues to us via a smartphone - more Street Scene Officers would allow the council to spot these issues as they occur, enabling us to act proactively before they create a more serious issue.

Increased Recycling Rates

There is no doubt that we must do more.  Allerdale Conservatives will look at new initiatives to increase recycling rates.

We will seek to play our part in tackling the scourge of plastic waste in our community, in order to protect our countryside, rivers, oceans and wildlife. 

We will seek to work with your local community, and look at supporting the development of local initiatives for recycling and reuse.  

Your ideas will be heard and will shape our ongoing improvements, protecting our environment for future generations.

A Sustainable Allerdale 

Your council should lead the way in making Allerdale Greener - we should walk the walk, not just talk the talk.

We will look to support local energy generation initiatives that benefit the local community.

Every community has community buildings, like parish rooms, village halls and schools. There are large clusters of housing that are owned by registered housing providers. Working with partner organisations, we will encourage small-scale renewable energy installations - like Solar PV and renewable heat sources - that can help combat fuel poverty while creating additional income streams and reducing our carbon footprint.

We will look to increase our usage of electric and hybrid vehicles, where it is cost efficient to do so.

A (Literally) Greener Allerdale

As our towns and villages grow, it is more important than ever that we reverse the decline in urban trees and flowers.

The social and health benefits are many - providing a more beautiful setting, especially in urban areas, helping reduce stress levels throughout the borough and softening the built environment, bringing colour and character.

Working with partner organisations like developers, housing associations and parish councils, we will support the introduction of more green areas.